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Purity Earbuds Pairing

Purity One Earbuds Pairing

How do you pair Purity earbuds?

How to Connect Purity Earbuds?

How do you use Purity earbuds?

Power on the earbuds

  1. Purity earbuds is simple to use, Take both earbuds out of the charging case and they will be automatically powered on
  2. You will hear a voice prompt stating,”Power on”, and “pairing” When you put the earbuds on.At the same time the Red and White indicators flashing alternately on one of the earbuds, while the another earbuds will slowly flash white.
  3. in power off state,hold down MFB button for 3-4 Second ,Power on the earbuds. Both Red and White indicators and flash second.There will be a beep sound upon Power on.
  4. Please open the Bluetooth on your phone or other device,Selete ” Purity One ” to Connect.
  5. Purity Earbuds Pairing Steps Complete!

–in stereo mode,powering off one earbud,will also power off the connection.

Purity Earbuds not connecting?

How do you pair truly wireless earbuds?

Power off the earbuds

1 Put the earbuds into the charging case,the earbuds are automatically powered off.

2 In power on state,hold the MFB button for 3-4 seconds.The Red indicator is on for 1 second.There will be a beep sound upon Power off.

When not in charging case,in power on state,hold the MFB buttons for 3-4 seconds. The Red indicator is on for 1 second.There will be a beep sound upon power off.

1 Take out both earbuds. To pair earbuds,go to settings,then bluetooth ,and select “purity one”

2 Purity Earbuds are now paired successfully

Attention: Earbuds will be activated if removed from the charging case or if the charging case reaches 0% battery. They can be returned off manually by holding the MFB buttons for 3-4 seconds

Purity Earbuds Reset

Purity One Earbuds Reset

How do you reset Purity earbuds?

Follow the Step Process to perform Purity one Earbuds Factory Reset.

  1. IMPORTANT: You MUST turn OFF the earbuds first, before you do Purity Earbuds RESET .
  2. Please remember to DELETE your previous pairing history BEFORE you perform a Factory Reset. The Factory Reset DOES NOT remove pairing history.
    Action: Hold MFB buttons for 3-4 seconds.( Press the multi-function buttons )
    Result: (LED Lights will blink signalling the earbuds are OFF).
    Action: Hold MFB buttons for 10-15 seconds.
    Result: (LED Lights will turn on, continue to blink repeatedly and eventually stop.The earbuds is reset and enter OFF state)
    Earbuds are now RESET and enter OFF state.

First Please check your package include :

wireless earbuds *2 Left earbud + Right earbud

ear caps *2

Purity One Charging case *1

user manual *1

Micro USB Cable *1

Warranty Card *1

Purity Earbuds how to use -how to activate earbuds

1 Take out the Earbuds and Pull the Protective adhesive film off of the Earbuds.

2 Please put them back in the purity one earbuds case and charge the earbuds for at least 1 min, and then begin use.

Congratulations! Thank you for choosing the True Wireless Earbuds developed by Purity! For optimal use and performance,please carefully read the user manual before using the product

Charging Contact Point

LED (Red/White)

MFB (multi-function button)

Answer / End Call

Skip / Playback

USB / LED / White

Purity True wireless earbuds bluetooth 5.0



Purity One Earbuds Warranty

Purity One Warranty


Purity Earbuds Customer Service






How to charge earbuds

  • 1 Properly insert the earbuds to the charging case
    2 Close the charging case and connect the micro USB cable to the back of the charging case
  • 3 Now,the earbuds and charging case and charging simultaneously.
  • 4 LED indicators will illuminate a while light to indicate what percentage your earbuds are at:
    • 1 White LED light – 25%
    • 2 White LED lights – 50%
    • 3 White LED lights – 75%
    • 4 White LED lights – 100%

How do you wear purity earbuds?

How to put on Purity earbuds

How to insert Purity earbuds

  1. STEP 1: Place the Purity Earbud inside your ear.
  2. STEP 2: Then, rotate Earbud, back and away, to find a snug and comfortable fit. (Earbud fitting varies due to ear size).
  3. Put the purity earbuds on ok.


Do Not Rotate Earbuds Fully Horizontal (doing so WILL cause Earbuds to fall out).

Purity One Earbuds won’t pair

Purity One Earbuds only one side works

Purity earbuds only one side works

How do you pair left and right earbuds?

Why is only one of my earbuds working?

Purity Earbuds Modes

Stereo Mode

Take out both Earbuds from charging box,wait for pairing process automatically to be completed and then, you will be able to use both earbuds.

Singer ear mode

Keep one earbuds inside the charging case,removed your desire earbud, Left or right,and the earbud will enter singal mode when successful pair to your phone.

Take out both Earbuds. To pair Earbuds, go to Settings, then Bluetooth, and select “Purity One”.

Purity Earbuds are now paired successfully.

Purity Earbuds Control / Button Control

Using The Multi-Function Button




Left for Previous/Right for Next


Calls-Answer/End Calls or Switch Between Calls


Calls-Press and Hold For 1 Second Will Reject Call


Tap the MFB 3 times

Purity True Wireless Earbuds troubleshooting

What if I cannot find “Purity One” in the Bluetooth Page?

  • Reason 1: Earbuds are paired to another device.
  • Solution: Turn OFF Bluetooth on the mistaken devices to disconnect the Earbuds. Then, pair to your preferred device.
  • Reason 2: Earbuds reached 0% battery life.
  • Solution: Place both Earbuds into Charging Case and close it. Then, charge Earbuds for 5 mins. If Charging Case has low battery, use Micro USB Cable to charge it as well.
  • Reason 3: Earbuds are OFF.
  • Solution: Press and hold MFB’s for 3-4 secs. to turn ON the Earbuds.

Why won’t the Left and Right Earbud sync?

Why is sound only emitting from one Earbud?

What if there are 2 “Purity One” choices on the Bluetooth page?

  • Solution: Complete the following process: Turn OFF Earbuds (hold MFB’s for 3-4 secs.). Turn ON Earbuds (hold MFB’s for 5 secs.). Voice prompt will say “Pairing”. White & Red LED Lights will flash slowly. Double tap MFB’s (both L/R). LED Lights will flash faster. Once LED Lights flashing slows, the synching process is complete.

Purity earbuds not charging?

Purity one earbuds not charging

  • 1 Please check if the charging case has battery left Make sure the charging case is fully charged
  • 2 Please check if the earbuds insert to the charging case right position
  • 3 if it still not charging please contact amazon or purity customer service,they will give you a satisfied solution.

How do I connect Purity earbuds to my laptop?

  • Please use laptop connect the Purity earbuds as the way your phone connect the Purity earbuds

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